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Boat Fasterval History

The set of experiences showed that on 14 – 15 Keit Khea Asoch and 1 roch Khea Kakdoek (the water celebration Ork ormbok Bondet brotit is an incredible conventional function to be commended. This function was started for quite a while prior that being seen and expressed in public and global reports or in engravings of any sanctuaries. This function has critical improvement in Khmer society in the Angkor time in the rule of the King Preasbat Cheyvaraman VII (twelfth hundred years) and Longvek period (Buddhism 2071, Christian 1528) in the rule of the King Ang chan 1. The justifications for why the two times have emphatically improvement are:
A. In the Angkor period (twelfth hundred years), Krong kampuchea was of success and congruity, the King CheyvaramanVII had emerged to make a naval force battle to mistreat the foes by using the boats to free Krong Kampuchea from the hand of adversaries. Every one of the battles( in 1177 – 1181 of Christian ) had been recorded by Khmer old age on the mass of Bayon sanctuary and Bunteaychmar sanctuary, having the image of Preasbat CheyvaramanVII remaining on the battling boat by holding bow and stick, joined by many soldiers.

B. As per boat dashing records of conventional and custom church, created by Thab Ben, composed that Longvek time (Buddhism of 2071 and Christian of 1528), Preasbat AngchanI had named Trong Tang ponh nhea yat as the King of Kampuchea kroum, Basak locale to get arranged the naval force troops as three gatherings as following:

1. The center troop, left on a mission to battle by utilizing Tok ngor.

2. Aide troop, involving Tok Chev in battling.

3. Basak troops utilizing huge boat with rooftop to store food.

C. As indicated by Moha Boros Khmer archives (Buddhism of 2404 and Christian of 1860), Preasbat Norodom had requested workers to praise the Tvea samas party. The King sited on the Preas reach domnak to watch the last boat dashing in the hour of Chanh preas vosa and regard to the moon a long with Bundet brotit.

The water celebration:

Khmer patriarch who held region power by taking action against all intrusions of the adversaries expected to get the public property. Our old ages had many piece of troops, all the more critically is naval force. The water celebration is a service to be praised to help commemoration to remember planning naval force of the past ages that in the past it was commended on 14 – 15 Keit and 1 roch Kea asoch consistently. Then again, by having thankful for the land wherein we live as one, and this celebration is praised to offer appreciation for Preas Kongke and Preas Torony.

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