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Dam Rey Sor Pagoda

Trinket Pagoda is formally called Svetachatkuchchey, (trinket), situated at kamkor Village, Svaypour Commune, Battambang District, Battambang Province. Its area is close to the Provincial Museum entryway toward the east, close to the Garden toward the south, close to the road 3 toward the west, close to street of Battambang Municipality toward the north. It is of 266m long and 130 m in width, its size is 34580 m2. This Pagoda was implicit 1793 by an obscure priest who had directed pretty grass and did Vipasana Mediation; in outcome the Buddhists, who was accepted and certain on him and welcomed him to be as an intercession educator by picking the Elephant’s home, where was utilized by lead representative to battle, at old time, to be intercession instructive spot. From that point forward, it turned into a withdrawal and became Svetachatkuchchey, called White Elephant Pagoda, up to now, by being named to that Elephant house. 

Before 1975, starting around 1793, being changed from intercession school to isolation and to Svetachatkuchchey, there was another priest who was not to be named, yet Buddhists normally called (loktayak), who was the head of Pagoda after past priests, had persuaded the Buddhists to remodel intervention school to school of music, to convent houses, to the priests’ homes. The lakes had been dig on the Sangkea River for the priest to scrub down, when that time the Pagoda was close to Sangkea River, which these grounds have turned into the place where there is Museum these days. The priest had urged the Buddhists to construct (where the priests eat and assemble) and had persuaded the lead representative, named Katha Thoun Chum and Chumteav Ang to fabricate a sanctuary in 1904 and was initiated by them around then. (In the time, when Cambodia was constrained by Thai).

In 1922, after past priest had passed on, another head of Pagoda, named mother, had gotten down to business and had fabricated the dialing, which covered by tile and constructed a school of music, basing before the sanctuary and a few hallowed places. In 1939, a head of Pagoda, named Threa, had kept on building a tie covered dialing and had convinced the school of music to be moved to behind the sanctuary ( he was insane ). From 1950 to 1975, the head of Pagoda, named Yeum Dul and a Pagoda board part, who named They Yan, had developed sanctuary, the dialing, hallowed place, Primary pali school, latrine and crematorium. In 1975 in Pol Pot system, the priest had been driven out from the monkhood, this Pagoda had been utilized to be an instructive spot, the sanctuary used to be a pig taking care of, the dialing utilized as military’s home, the Buddha sculptures had been obliterated. In 1979, the pagoda was freed from Khmer rouge by Cambodia Solidarity Front (Currently, Cambodian People Party), the main break pagoda boss, named Yeum Yorn, had driven the Buddhists to get the backwoods and clean the border free from pagoda. In 1984, a pagoda boss, Bat Chea, had do nothing in light of the fact that the conflict. In 1986, pagoda boss, Oeur loeurm, called (Tab), diocese supervisor, liv houy, Tep souv, pagoda board of trustees, Ta Rom, Va Hun, Ta Mong, Ta Kea, had started to be eliminated tie, sanctuary’s hand. In 1995, a refering to pagoda boss, named So Vong, diocese supervisor, Houy, Teb Sou, Soav May, Sam Roeun, Pagoda panel, Pum Sary, Kong Ban, Kerm Saron, Teb Han, Ros Sabeoun, Prak phiron, had spurred the Buddists to fabricate two – story houses and a one story house, modify one school of music, one crematorium, five places of worship, fixed Pali school, one library, one religious shelter house with five rooms, four stone made entryways, fixed pagoda door. Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University, Battambang Branch, was given by Samdach Chea Sim and His Excellency Prach Chan, Battambang lead representative.

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