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Ek Phnom Temple

Phnom is a social vacationer location consolidating an old sanctuary called Prasath Ek Phnom. It is situated in Takum Village, Peam Ek Commune, Ek Phnom District, and is around 12 km from Battambang Provincial Hall. Guests can go from Battambang Provincial Town northwards on Road P156 along the Steung Sangke River across Don Tiev Market, and afterward turn right along a rivulet which prompts the sanctuary. It requires 20 minutes via vehicles or motorbike.

Phnom was worked during the eleventh hundred years in 1027 in the rule of King Soryavarman I (1002-1050). There are 18 bo trees encompassing the sanctuary, which give cool shade and natural air. Toward the south and the north of the sanctuary, there are ditches that are as of now water hotspots for the priests who live on the site. (If it’s not too much trouble, read the historical backdrop of Eke Phnom for definite data.

The hotel of Eke Phnom is effectively available by guests, everything being equal. A street encompasses it. Lovely lotus and water lily filling in the trenches welcome guests. There is a pagoda on the grounds where individuals like to assemble for different customary Khmer happy exercises. From the town of Kdol Donteav, there are two streets running lined up with a spring, on one or the other side of which green vegetation develops. Many angled spans are worked across the brook. There is a lake on the west corner of the sanctuary. In the stormy season, guests can see a wonderful perspective on fields in which rice develops in rivalry with the rising floods.

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