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Battambang, Banan Temple

Situated around 18km from town along another street Wat Banan is an Angkor time sanctuary which sits on top of a slope near the Sanker stream. It was once felt that Wat Banan with its five pinnacles was a model for Angkor Wat albeit this has now been excused by most researchers who date the construction later than Angkor. The precarious moves forward to the sanctuary merit the work as there are dazzling 360 degree all encompassing perspectives from the top. Banan is rarely visited by vacationers and beyond Cambodian occasions almost certainly, you might be the main guest. At the lower part of the slope are a couple of food and drink slows down making it a wonderful spot to while away some time. Likewise underneath the slope are some limestone caves which nearby kids with lights are glad to show you around for a little expense.

Near Wat Banan is the Prassat Banan grape plantation, the main such one in Cambodia. Guests are free to come around to test and maybe get a portion of the wines made here. They likewise make a liquor which is truly tasteful!

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