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Battambang, Phnom Sampov

 A significant strict site known all through all Cambodia Phnom Sampov is a striking limestone mountain situated headed for Pailin around 12 km from Battambang. Like Wat Banan there are a progression of steps driving up the mountain albeit a simpler course up is on the rear of a motorbike through another street. On the highest point of the slope is a Wat and numerous stupas alongside different hallowed places and caverns. During the Khmer Rouge period the mountain was utilized as a spot to kill “foes” of the system and in what are known as the “dispensing with caves” there is a dedication to these casualties. Additionally on the mountain are two rusting gunnery pieces which were involved by the Cambodian government and their Vietnamese partners in the battle against the Khmer Rouge which finished in 1996.

In spite of the fact that Phnom Sampov has a heartbreaking past it is likewise a wonderful spot to visit. The all encompassing perspectives from the top are genuinely stunning and there are an assortment of food and drink slows down at the foundation of the mountain making it an extraordinary spot to abide the hours. Each night at sunset a great many bats advance out of caverns in the slope to take care of prior to returning at sunrise. This normal peculiarity truly is a “should see” for the guest.

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