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Bamboo Sticky Rice

 The tacky rice or Bamboo rice is a sort of well known nourishment for individuals in SamroungKnong, No-rea and Takok town for quite a long time. The elements of Sticky rice are sweet rice, dark bean, coconut cream and other zesty put in the piece of bamboo and consume it . It costs from 1000riels. Samroang Knong individuals make tacky rice with antiquated time technique and their custom to join others and guests generally figure out how to consume and have it by proprietor work.

Kralean cake is a Khmer conventional cake which was made of sweet rice by placing it into the bamboo pipeline and shut by utilizing coconut or banana leaf, and to be scorched at outside piece of the bamboo pipeline.

Kralean word was started from ethnic minorities named Cola, from Burma, who moved to live in Pailin area, Nowadays. Cola ethnic minorities ate sweet rice as their everyday food that was different to Cambodian individuals who involved normal rice as day to day food. At past, Cola ethnic minorities earned enough to pay the bills by investigating mineral (Gems, Gold, Diamond, Hunting and cutting backwoods) ete.

At the point when they went into the timberland, they required no to carry with pot, container, which produced using mud since those things were weighty, delicate, and simple to be broken. At the point when they prepared food, they had found bamboo tree with enormous opening to cook by placing bamboo pipeline in depict and consume. While Cambodian individuals, who went to cut woods with Cola ethnic minorities, tracked down that sweet rice token to cook in bamboo pipeline was more scrumptious than cooking in like manner pot. At the point when they upheld from the timberland, they promoted the approach to cooking rice in bamboo pipeline to the locals. From that point forward, Khmer individuals called this cake as Kralean, like the name of ethnic minority Cola. From one day to another, elements of this cake have been switched around to date. Its fixings are: sweet rice, sugar, dark bean, coconut cream and minimal salt, put in bamboo pipeline and covered by banana leaf and consume contingent upon the size of bamboo.

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