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La Villa

Welcome To La Villa!!

 La Villa was built in the 1930’s by a merchant from Battambang, this frontier engineering was entirely trendy during the French provincial time frame. The owner, Mr Eap Heo later granted his home to his two most youthful kids who then resided in the home till the rebellion in 1975.
After the Khmer rouge period, the house turned into the general quarters for the Vietnamese armed force. It was given to a Cambodian general after their flight.

For a long time, the house was somewhat rented and crouched before it was sold in 2004 to a youthful ostracize couple who were entranced by the appeal and excellence of this old house.

After huge redesigns, the house and its sheds recaptured its wonder as an enchanting 7 room visitor house with a pool that will enrapture anybody that might want to re-live and encounter an Indochinese climate. We have reproduced the very feel that the house would have had in the 1930’s with Art deco furniture, electrical hardware from that period like the fans, and old photographs that have changed in variety because of the progression of time.

For more information check site below!! 

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