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Tonai R

 Amazing insight into Cambodian History.

I find it so rare that any guide in Cambodia is willing to speak about the complexities, the intricacies and the cultural history of this extremely beautiful, but brutal society. To be honest, the places we visited, although very beautiful and interesting, placed into insignificance with the sharp intellect and storytelling abilities of Vattana. He was able to explain to us in a very detailed manner what influences and reasons, as well as international pressures, that brought Cambodian society to the eruption of the tragedies of recent events. We are leaving Battambang tomorrow with a feeling of connection that you just can’t establish in Shopping malls and fancy hotels. I really fell as if we met the soul of Cambodia in Vattana’s tuc tuc today and we are grateful to him for the privilege. If anyone who intends coming to Battambang with the remotest semblance of interest in Cambodian history and culture (Vatthana was also a monk for a prolonged period), then go no futrher then to arrange a tour with him, for the sights to be sure, but for the story to be enriched.

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